Lateral brow lift

Lateral brow lift

What is Lateral brow lift?

Lateral brow lift is a surgical procedure to lift the eyebrows as well as the side of the forehead.

Who needs it?

People with:

  • ptosis (drooping) of the lateral eyebrow resulting in hooding of the upper lateral eyelids.


  • Lateral brow lift helps to elevate the lateral forehead droopy
  • lateral eyebrow which helps to rejuvenate the eyelids and makes you look more lively.

How is it done?

This procedure can be carried out under sedation or general anaesthesia. Bilateral incisions are made behind the hairline and the skin from the lateral forehead to the lateral eyebrow is raised and tightened. Stitches are placed to close the wound carefully. The scars are inconspicuous as they are hidden behind the hairline and cannot be seen.

Postoperative care

Patient is prescribed antibiotics, analgesics, and an antibiotic ointment for the hairline incisions. Sutures are removed in 10-14 days.