Jaw Recontouring, Angle reduction, V-Shape Jaw Line

Jaw Recontouring, Angle reduction, V-Shape Jaw Line

What is Jaw Recontouring, Angle reduction, V-Shape Jaw Line?

Jaw recontouring is a cosmetic surgical procedure to make the lower jaw (mandible) look slimmer. It achieves this by grinding, shaving or removing strategic areas of excessive bone from the lower jaw.

Angle reduction refers to a cosmetic surgery that removes a part of the angle of the mandible to achieve a slender looking face.

A V-shape jaw line is created by combining genioplasty and jaw recontouring surgery. Sometimes angle reduction as well as jaw recontouring are carried out concurrently.

The cosmetic results are permanent.

Who needs it?

Squarish lower face can be attributed to the soft tissues or hard tissues.

  • Soft tissues:
    Large hypertrophic (increase in size) masseter muscles (chewing muscles) at the angle of the jaw may be caused by teeth grinding or clenching (bruxism). Botulinium toxin injections to these large masseter muscles will allow the muscle to relax and look smaller. (Link to Botulinum Toxin Injection) Botulinum toxin treatment is temporary and another injection may be needed in a few months once the effects of the treatment wears off.
  • Hard tissues:
    Sometimes the squarish look may also be caused by the shape of the underlying jaw bone. People with a wide, angular lower jaw bone who desire a slender looking lower face can opt to undergo this jaw recontouring and/or angle reduction permanently. This procedure is suitable for people who would like to look more feminine.

How is it done?

Jaw recontouring and angle reduction surgeries are performed under general anaesthesia and the incisions are done through the oral cavity. Hence, there will be no facial scarring. Your surgeon will examine you clinically and radiographically to see if you have a wide lower face that is caused by the hypertrophic masseter muscles or the wide jaw bone.  He will then recommend the appropriate procedure to achieve the cosmetic objectives. Angle reduction involves removing the squarish portion of the bone at the angle of the mandible while jaw recontouring concentrates on removing wide portions of bone on the body of the mandible.

For people who further desire a v-shape jaw line, a reduction genioplasty (chin surgery) is carried out to make the jaw look slimmer.

Postoperative care

After the surgery, you will stay in the hospital for one night. Antibiotics and analgesics and a mouth wash will be prescribed. You will also be placed on soft diet. Swelling and bruising are normal consequence of the surgery.