Genioplasty (Chin surgery)

Genioplasty (Chin surgery)

What is Genioplasty (Chin Surgery) ?

Genioplasty is a surgery to change the chin’s shape, size and position (forward, backwards). It can be performed to reduce the height of patients with long chins or increase the height of patients with short chins.

chin surgery
close up of a woman's chin

Who needs it?

Patients with:

  • Long chin


  • Short chin


  • Retruded chin (retrogenia)


  • Protrusive chin (Progenia)


  • Large chin (Macrogenia)
  • Small chin (Microgenia)
  • Asymmetrical chin
  • Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

In patients with OSA, chin advancement helps to move the tongue forward as some of the tongue’s muscles are attached to the inner side of the chin. Moving the tongue to a forward position helps to open up the airway. Genioplasty is often performed together with orthognathic surgery (jaw surgery) for patients with OSA as well as patients with major anomalies of the jaw size to give an ideal airway, facial profile and shape.

HOW is it done?

This can be done via two main methods; chin osteotomy (bone cuts) or chin implants.

Chin osteotomy is a versatile procedure in which osteotomies (bone cuts) are made in the chin to mobilize it to the new position eg. to a more prominent position or a more retraced position, increase or decrease the chin height or to change its dimensions by increasing its width or decreasing its width. The osteotomised chin is then fixated in its ideal position with titanium and screws. Bone will then grow back at the gaps between the mandible and the osteotomized segment.

Chin implants are used only in chin augmentation. It does not require any bone cuts to be made. There are many different kinds of chin implants and for patients who opt for chin implants, we will discuss what kind of implants are best suited for you.

The procedure is performed through the oral cavity for both methods, hence preventing scars on the skin. Resorbable sutures are used to close the wounds.

Postoperative care

Antibiotics, analgesics, and a mouth wash will be prescribed. You will be placed on a soft diet. Swelling and bruising are normal consequences of the surgery. A chin bandage is placed post surgery and removed on the third day.

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